Corrigendum: Pykälä J, Kantelinen A, Myllys L (2020) Taxonomy of Verrucaria species characterised by large spores, perithecia leaving pits in the rock and a pale thin thallus in Finland. MycoKeys 72: 43–92.
expand article infoJuha Pykälä, Annina Kantelinen§, Leena Myllys§
‡ Biodiversity Centre, Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki, Finland
§ University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Open Access

Almost all micrometres (μm) have been erroneously changed into millimetres (mm). All measurements of algal cells, ostiole, involucrellum thickness, exciple wall thickness, periphysoids, asci, ascospores and perispores should be in micrometres (μm). Furthermore, thallus thickness should be in micrometres in Verrucaria bifurcata, V. cavernarum, V. difficilis and V. vacillans.

In the lectotypification of Verrucaria subjunctiva registration number MBT392473, MBT is missing from the MycoBank number. This note validates the lectotypification.

Verrucaria subjunctiva Nyl., Flora 67: 218, 1884

MycoBank No: 392473


[RUSSIA], Sibiria Septentrionalis: Sinus Konyam ad fretum Bering, 64°50 lat. bor., 173° long. occid. (Greenw.) 28–30.7.1879 E. Almquist (S-L46!, lectotype, designated here); Fretum Behring, Konyam Bay, E. Almquist (H-NYL 3512!, isolectotype).


We would like to thank Teuvo Ahti and James Lendemer for pointing out the nomenclatural issue.

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