Phylogram of Tubakiaceae based on combined ITS, LSU, tef1 and tub2 loci. Numbers above the branches indicate maximum parsimony bootstrap (MP BP ≥ 50%), ML bootstrap values (ML-BS ≥ 50%) and Bayesian Posterior Probabilities (BPP ≥ 0.9). The tree is rooted with Melanconis groenlandica (CBS 116540). Ex-type strains are marked with *, and strains from the present study are marked in bold blue.

  Part of: Jiang N, Zhu Y-Q, Xue H, Piao C-G, Li Y (2023) Phaeotubakia lithocarpicola gen. et sp. nov. (Tubakiaceae, Diaporthales) from leaf spots in China. MycoKeys 95: 15-25.