Base peak chromatograms (BPCs) from UHPLC-MS analysis of the stromatal extracts of P. papillatum (BPI 591029), P. papillatum (BPI 591035), P. papillatum (NYGB 830462), P. papillatum (NYGB 830463), and Parahypoxylon ruwenzoriense sp. nov. (STMA 08016). Compounds common between several species (numbered 1–6) are highlighted in red.

  Part of: Cedeño-Sanchez M, Charria-Girón E, Lambert C, Luangsa-ard JJ, Decock C, Franke R, Brönstrup M, Stadler M (2023) Segregation of the genus Parahypoxylon (Hypoxylaceae, Xylariales) from Hypoxylon by a polyphasic taxonomic approach. MycoKeys 95: 131-162.