Parahypoxylon ruwenzoriense sp. nov. (MUCL 51392). A stroma B ostioles with white ring C KOH extractable stromatal pigments D perithecia (cross section) E ascospores F amyloid apical apparatus (blueing in Melzer’s reagent) indicated by arrowheads G asci. Scale bars: 1 cm (A); 2 mm (D); 10 μm (E, F); 50 μm (G).

  Part of: Cedeño-Sanchez M, Charria-Girón E, Lambert C, Luangsa-ard JJ, Decock C, Franke R, Brönstrup M, Stadler M (2023) Segregation of the genus Parahypoxylon (Hypoxylaceae, Xylariales) from Hypoxylon by a polyphasic taxonomic approach. MycoKeys 95: 131-162.