Exophiala yuxiensis (YMFT 1.07354, holotype) A colony on PDA after 30 days B colony on CMA after 30 days C–E conidiogenous cells F conidia and budding cells. Scale bars: 3.2 cm (A, B), 10 µm (C–F).

  Part of: Lv R, Yang X, Qiao M, Fang L, Li J, Yu Z (2022) Exophiala yunnanensis and Exophiala yuxiensis (Chaetothyriales, Herpotrichiellaceae), two new species of soil-inhabiting Exophiala from Yunnan Province, China. MycoKeys 94: 109-124. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.94.96782