Phylogenetic tree based on maximum likelihood (ML) analysis of a combined DNA data set of ACT, CMDA, HIS3, RPB2, TEF1 and TUB2 sequences for Calonectria spp. Bootstrap values ≥ 70% for ML analyses and posterior probabilities values ≥ 0.90 obtained from Bayesian inference (BI) are indicated at the nodes as ML/BI. Bootstrap values < 70% or probabilities values < 0.90 are marked with “*”, and nodes lacking the support values are marked with “−”. Isolates representing ex-type material are marked with “T”. Curvicladiella cignea (isolate CBS 109167 and CBS 109168) represents the outgroup.

  Part of: Pham NQ, Marincowitz S, Chen SF, Rodas CA, Wingfield MJ (2022) Soil-borne Calonectria (Hypocreales, Nectriaceae) associated with Eucalyptus plantations in Colombia. MycoKeys 94: 17-35.