Micrographs of Nagrajomyces laojunshanensis on Rhododendron cinnabarinum (holotype CAF 800049) A conidiomata on a living twig B ex-type culture (CFCC 58177) on PDA after 30 days, seen from above C ex-type culture (CFCC 58177) on MEA after 30 days, seen from above D vertical section of a conidioma E, F conidiophores and conidia G conidia forming a cirrus H conidium with appendage. Scale bars: 1 mm (A); 1 cm (B, C); 100 µm (D, E); 10 µm (F–H).

  Part of: Zhuo L, Guo M-J, Wang Q-T, Zhou H, Piepenbring M, Hou C-L (2022) A new study of Nagrajomyces: with two new species proposed and taxonomic status inferred by phylogenetic methods. MycoKeys 93: 131-148. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.93.93712