Phylogenetic tree based on an ML analysis of combined ITS rDNA, nrLSU rDNA, RPB2, and TEF1-α sequences of species of Gnomoniaceae. Bootstrap support values for RAxML and maximum parsimony above 50% and Bayesian posterior probability values above 0.95 are shown at the nodes. The tree is rooted with sequences of Apiosporopsis carpinea, Apiosporopsis sp., Juglanconis juglandina, J. oblonga, and Melanconis marginalis. References to new sequences are in bold, and the names of the two new species are highlighted by colors.

  Part of: Zhuo L, Guo M-J, Wang Q-T, Zhou H, Piepenbring M, Hou C-L (2022) A new study of Nagrajomyces: with two new species proposed and taxonomic status inferred by phylogenetic methods. MycoKeys 93: 131-148.