Trees resulting from MP analysis of the combined ITS, rpb2, tef1 and tub2 sequence alignment for forty-three isolates in Botryosphaeria. RAxML and MP bootstrap support values (ML, MP ≥ 70%) and Bayesian posterior probability (PP ≥ 0.90) are denoted on the nodes (ML/MP/PP). The tree was rooted to Neoscytalidium dimidiatum (CBS 145.78 and CBS 251.49) and Cophinforma atrovirens (MFLUCC 11-0425 and MFLUCC 11-0655). The new species are highlighted in pale red. The scale bar indicates 8.0 expected changes per site.

  Part of: Sun J-E, Meng C-R, Phillips AJL, Wang Y (2022) Two new Botryosphaeria (Botryosphaeriales, Botryosphaeriaceae) species in China. MycoKeys 94: 1-16.