The ITS+mtSSU+nuLSU ML phylogeny with bootstrap values ≥ 70 shown. Newly sequenced specimens include collection info following the species name, while those derived from GenBank are indicated in parentheses. The novel species described here is highlighted in gray. Character states for selected characters are shown at the tips of the phylogeny. Ap = apothecia; Ex = exciple; As = asci; Sp = ascospores; Ch = chemistry.

  Part of: Phraphuchamnong P, Nelsen MP, Distefano I, Mercado-Diaz JA, Parnmen S, Rangsiruji A, Buaruang K, Lücking R, Lumbsch HT (2022) A new species of Megalaria (Ramalinaceae, Ascomycota) from Thailand, and recognition of subgenus Catillochroma. MycoKeys 93: 149-163.