Maximum likelihood tree inferred from ITS-LSU-RPB1 concatenate sequences used in Tanney and Seifert (2020), together with sequences from additional taxa of Neobelonopsis and two new species of Trichobelonium. Significant branch supported by SH-aLRT (>80%)/Ultrafast BS (>95%)/BPP (>0.95) are indicated. Type species are in red. Collection numbers are shown at the beginning of the species name (type strains are in boldface). The tree is rooted with Cadophora dextrinospora and C. fastigiata.

  Part of: Itagaki H, Hosoya T (2023) A new genus Neobelonopsis and two new species of Trichobelonium (Helotiales, Ascomycota) discovered mainly from poaceous grasses native to Asia in Japan. MycoKeys 99: 45-85.