Four new records of B. ekmaniana (KBA-L-0000412 for A–C), B. friesiana (KBA-L-0001914 for D–F), B. heterochroa (KBA-L-0000386 for G–I) and B. suffusa (KBA-L-0000359 for J–L) in morphology A habitus and apothecia. Granular thallus with green-grey pigment and straw-coloured apothecia B–C apothecial section with colourless epihymenium, red-brown hypothecium, and pale excipulum D habitus and apothecia. Thallus pale grey with slightly brownish pigment and pale pink apothecia E, F apothecial section with greenish epihymenium G habitus and apothecia. Thallus pale yellowish-grey and black apothecia with red pigment H, I apothecial section and proper exciple with dark margin J habitus and apothecia. Thallus whitish pale grey and pruinose apothecia K, L apothecial section with radiating clusters of crystals, which produce pruina on surface. Scale bars: 500 μm (A, D, G, J); 100 μm (B, E, H, K); 50 μm (C, I, L); 20 μm (F).

  Part of: Lee BG, Hur J-S (2022) A new species and four new records of Bacidia (Lecanorales, Ramalinaceae) from South Korea, with a key to Korean species. MycoKeys 93: 107-130.