Bacidia fuscopallida (KBA-L-0001011, holotype for A–D, G–O KBA-L-0001049 for E, F KBA-L-0001010 for P, Q) in morphology A, B habitus and apothecia on bark of Acer pictum var. mono. Olive-green thallus and pale yellow-orange apothecia C vertical section of apothecia D prothallus present around margin of habitus (red arrows) E, F habitus and apothecia growing on bark of Acer triflorum G apothecial section H epihymenium colourless or a little pigmented I epihymenium K+ purple J small crystals (red arrows) present in upper hypothecium K proper exciple pigmented with pale or colourless margin. Radiating hyphae wider to margin L photobiont composing most part of thallus M, N asci cylindrical to narrowly clavate. Ascospores not twisted in ascus O ascospores acicular to filiform up to 15-septate P pycnidia globose with brown wall Q pycnoconidia curved or almost straight. Scale bars: 1 mm (A, E); 500 μm (B, C, F); 2 mm (D); 200 μm (G); 50 μm (H–J, P); 20 μm (K, L); 10 μm (M–O, Q).

  Part of: Lee BG, Hur J-S (2022) A new species and four new records of Bacidia (Lecanorales, Ramalinaceae) from South Korea, with a key to Korean species. MycoKeys 93: 107-130.