Phylogram of Cryphonectriaceae resulting from a maximum likelihood analysis based on combined ITS and LSU loci. Numbers above the branches indicate ML bootstrap values (left, ML-BS ≥ 50%) and Bayesian Posterior Probabilities (right, BPP ≥ 0.9). The tree is rooted with Diaporthe eres (LC 3198). Isolates from the present study are marked in blue, and ex-type strains are marked with *.

  Part of: Huang H-Y, Huang H-H, Zhao D-Y, Shan T-J, Hu L-L (2022) Pseudocryphonectria elaeocarpicola gen. et sp. nov. (Cryphonectriaceae, Diaporthales) causing stem blight of Elaeocarpus spp. in China. MycoKeys 91: 67-84.