Phylogram of Amphisphaeriales resulting from a Maximum Likelihood analysis, based on a combined matrix of ITS, LSU, tef1 and tub2. Numbers above the branches indicate ML bootstraps (left, ML BS ≥ 50%) and Bayesian Posterior Probabilities (right, BPP ≥ 0.90). The tree is rooted with Clypeosphaeria mamillana (CBS 140735) and Pseudosporidesmium knawiae (CBS 123529). New species and combinations proposed in the present study are marked in blue.

  Part of: Jiang N, Voglmayr H, Ma C-Y, Xue H, Piao C-G, Li Y (2022) A new Arthrinium-like genus of Amphisphaeriales in China. MycoKeys 92: 27-43.