Morphology of Acremonium globosisporum sp. nov. a–f colony on PDA, OA and MEA after 7 d at 25 °C (upper surface and lower surface) g–j conidia are borne on the phialides k–l winding hyphae and inflate hyphae. Scale bars: 4 mm (a–f); 10 μm (g–l).

  Part of: Li X, Zhang Z-Y, Ren Y-L, Chen W-H, Liang J-D, Pan J-M, Huang J-Z, Liang Z-Q, Han Y-F (2022) Morphological characteristics and phylogenetic evidence reveal two new species of Acremonium (Hypocreales, Sordariomycetes). MycoKeys 91: 85-96.