Results of the pairwise homoplasy index (PHI) test for C. paragominensis and C. imperata. Phylogenetic networks constructed using the LogDet transformation and the NeighborNet method and displayed with the EqualAngle algorithm. Bootstrap support values > 80% are shown. Φw < 0.05 indicate significant recombination. New species described in this study are highlighted in bold, with blue (A) and orange (B) lines.

  Part of: Sanchez-Gonzalez EI, Farias Soares TdP, Galafassi Zarpelon T, Valverde Zauza EA, Gonçalves Mafia R, Alves Ferreira M (2022) Two new species of Calonectria (Hypocreales, Nectriaceae) causing Eucalyptus leaf blight in Brazil. MycoKeys 91: 169-197.