Schematic illustration of the fungal IGS region and neighbouring genes. Shown are a Auricularia cornea and b Inocybe leiocephala. The four ncRNA elements SRP RNA, nuclear RNase P RNA, RNase MRP RNA, and U14 are shown. U14 is shown in dashed outline to indicate its somewhat hypothetical nature. The arrows indicate strand. This schematic figure is not fully drawn to scale. The distance between LSU and SSU is approximately 5,000 bases, the length of U14 is approximately 200 bases, and the length of the other ncRNAs is approximately 300 bases.

  Part of: Rosenblad MA, Larsson E, Walker A, Thongklang N, Wurzbacher C, Nilsson RH (2022) ´╗┐Evidence for further non-coding RNA genes in the fungal rDNA region. MycoKeys 90: 203-213.