Phylogram of the Phyllosticta capitalensis species complex, based on a concatenated ITS, LSU, tef1, ACT and GPDH sequence alignment, with Phyllosticta hubeiensis (CGMCC 3.14986, CGMCC 3.14987) of the P. cruenta species complex serving as outgroup. Bayesian Inference posterior probabilities and Maximum Likelihood bootstrap support values above 0.70 and 70% are shown at the first and second position, respectively. Ex-type cultures are indicated in bold face. Strains obtained in the current study are in red. Some branches are shortened for layout purposes – these are indicated by two diagonal lines with the number of times. The bar at the left-bottom represents substitutions per site.

  Part of: Zhang Z, Liu X, Zhang X, Meng Z (2022) Morphological and phylogenetic analyses reveal two new species and a new record of Phyllosticta (Botryosphaeriales, Phyllostictaceae) from Hainan, China. MycoKeys 91: 1-23.