Ornamentation of ascospores A Buellia alpina B Buellia elegans C Buellia epigaea D Buellia lobata E Buellia dijiana F Buellia asterella G Buellia zoharyi H Buellia georgei (A–C were drawn by Qiu Yi Zhong D–H are from Trinkaus and Mayrhofer 2000; Trinkaus et al. 2001).

  Part of: Ai M, Li LJ, Worthy FR, Yin AC, Zhong QY, Wang SQ, Wang LS, Wang XY (2022) Taxonomy of Buellia epigaea-group (Caliciales, Caliciaceae), revealing a new species and two new records from China. MycoKeys 92: 45-62. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.92.83939