Multi-gene phylogenetic tree obtained from the Bayesian analysis. Numbers above branches are Bayesian posterior probability (pp) values, Maximum Likelihood bootstrap (MLB) and Maximum parsimony bootstrap (MP) values. Asterisks (*) denote branches with pp = 1.00, MLb = 100% and MPb = 100%. Numbers above branches represent strongly and moderately support (pp ≥ 0.95, MLb ≥ 50% and MPb ≥ 50%). The red font indicates the position of the new species.

  Part of: Zhou H, Cheng GQ, Sun XM, Cheng RY, Zhang HL, Dong YM, Hou CL (2022) Three new species of Candolleomyces (Agaricomycetes, Agaricales, Psathyrellaceae) from the Yanshan Mountains in China. MycoKeys 88: 109–121.