The NJ tree based on an analysis of a combined ITS and LSU rDNA dataset from the genus Kodamaea and related taxa from the family Debaryomycetacae. Schizosaccharomyces pombe NRRL Y-12796T was used as outgroup. Bootstrap support values (BS) for the neighbour-joining and maximum parsimony programs of above 50% are given at nodes based on 1000 replications, a dash (“-”) indicates a value < 50% (BS). Bar, 2% sequence difference. The strain number is indicated after the species name. The strains in this study are in bold. T, type strains.

  Part of: Chai C-Y, Gao W-L, Li Y, Yan Z-L, Hui F-L (2022) Kodamaea hongheensis f.a., sp. nov., Kodamaea ovata f.a., sp. nov. and Kodamaea yamadae f.a., sp. nov., three new yeast species of Kodamaea (Saccharomycetales, Debaryomycetacae) from China. MycoKeys 89: 89-137.