ML tree of Ceratocystiopsis generated from the combined (ITS+BT) sequence data. Bootstrap values of ML/MP ≥ 70% are recorded at nodes as ML/MP and bold branches indicate posterior probability values ≥ 0.9. ML and MP, Bootstrap values < 70% are indicated by the symbol *. The tree is drawn to scale (see bar) with branch length measured in the number of substitutions per site. Strains representing ex-type sequences are marked with “T.” Abbreviations: ML, Maximum Likelihood; MP, Maximum Parsimony; BI, Bayesian Inference and the final alignment of 1040 positions, including gaps.

  Part of: Zheng G, You M, Li X, Zhou Q, Wang Z, Wang H, Lu Q (2022) Diversity of fungi associated with Monochamus alternatus larval habitats in Bursaphelenchus xylophilus-infected Pinus massoniana and identification of two new ophiostomatalean species (Ascomycota, Ophiostomatales). MycoKeys 92: 1-25.