Fresh basidiomata of Gerronema microcarpum Q. Na, H. Zeng & Y.P. Ge. a FFAAS0365 b FFAAS0372 c–d FFAAS0375 e FFAAS0373 (Holotype) f–g FFAAS0374 h–i FFAAS0371. Scale bars: 10 mm (a–i). Photographs a, e–i by Yupeng Ge; b by Junqing Yan; c–d by Qin Na.

  Part of: Na Q, Hu Y, Zeng H, Song Z, Ding H, Cheng X, Ge Y (2022) Updated taxonomy on Gerronema (Porotheleaceae, Agaricales) with three new taxa and one new record from China. MycoKeys 89: 87-120.