Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian tree concatenated ITS + nLSU dataset. In the generated trees, ML bootstrap support values greater than 75% and Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPP) greater than 0.90 are shown for relevant branch nodes (BS ≥ 75%, BPP ≥ 0.90). The tree is rooted with Mycena purpureofusca. The new species, Gerronema baishanzuense, G. microcarpum, and G. zhujian are marked by red. The newly discovered species, G. nemorale Har. Takah. is marked by green.

  Part of: Na Q, Hu Y, Zeng H, Song Z, Ding H, Cheng X, Ge Y (2022) Updated taxonomy on Gerronema (Porotheleaceae, Agaricales) with three new taxa and one new record from China. MycoKeys 89: 87-120.