Capillidium macrocapilliconidium a colony on PDA after 3 d at 21 °C b colony on PDA after 10 d at 21 °C c Mycelia d Mycelia unbranched at the edge of the colony e, f primary conidiophores bearing primary conidia g, h, i primary conidia j, k primary conidia bearing a single secondary conidium i, m, n a primary conidium bearing a single capilliconidium o, p, q, r Capilliconidia s zygospores that were formed on adjacent segments of the same hypha t immature zygospores u, v mature zygospores. Scale bars: 10 mm (a–b); 100 μm (c–d); 20 μm (e–v).

  Part of: Nie Y, Zhao H, Wang Z, Zhou Z, Liu X, Huang B (2022) Two new species in Capillidium (Ancylistaceae, Entomophthorales) from China, with a proposal for a new combination. MycoKeys 89: 139-153.