Arecophila miscanthi (GZUH0122) A, B ascomata on the surface of host C paraphyses and asci D section of ascoma E peridium F, G apical rings H–K asci with ascospores M–P ascospores. Scale bars: 50 μm (C, D); 10 μm (E, F–K); 5 μm (L–P).

  Part of: Li QR, Zhang X, Lin Y, Samarakoon MC, Hyde KD, Shen XC, Liao WQ, Karunarathna A, Long SH, Kang YQ, Kang JC (2022) Morpho-molecular characterisation of Arecophila, with A. australis and A. clypeata sp. nov. and A. miscanthi comb. nov. MycoKeys 88: 123-149.