Phylogenetic tree, based on a combined ITS, LSU, rpb2 and β-tubulin gene dataset. Numbers close to each node represent Maximum Likelihood bootstrap values (≥ 75%) and Bayesian posterior probabilities (≥ 0.95). The hyphen (“–”) means a value lower than 75% (BS) or 0.95 (PP). New taxa are marked in red. Type materials are marked with T after the strains. The tree is rooted to Achaetomium macrosporum (CBS 532.94), Chaetomium elatum (CBS 374.66) and Sordaria fimicola (CBS 723.96).

  Part of: Li QR, Zhang X, Lin Y, Samarakoon MC, Hyde KD, Shen XC, Liao WQ, Karunarathna A, Long SH, Kang YQ, Kang JC (2022) Morpho-molecular characterisation of Arecophila, with A. australis and A. clypeata sp. nov. and A. miscanthi comb. nov. MycoKeys 88: 123-149.