Distoseptispora yongxiuensis HFJAU 10007, holotype) a Colonies on bamboo culm b, d conidiophores with conidia c conidiogenous cell bearing conidium e conidiogenous cells with young conidia f-k conidia l germinating conidium m culture on PDA from above and reverse. Scale bars: 100 µm (a), 20 µm (b–e, l), 5 µm (f–k).

  Part of: Zhai Z-J, Yan J-Q, Li W-W, Gao Y, Hu H-J, Zhou J-P, Song H-Y, Hu D-M (2022) Three novel species of Distoseptispora (Distoseptisporaceae) isolated from bamboo in Jiangxi Province, China. MycoKeys 88: 35-54. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.88.79346