Phylogenetic tree of Distoseptispora, inferred from the combined regions (ITS-LSU-SSU-Tef 1α) using Bayesian Inference (BI) analysis. The Aquapteridospora clade was used as the outgroup. The lineages with new species were shown in bold. PP ≥ 0.95 and BS ≥ 75% were indicated around the branches. The new sequences generated in this study are given in bold.

  Part of: Zhai Z-J, Yan J-Q, Li W-W, Gao Y, Hu H-J, Zhou J-P, Song H-Y, Hu D-M (2022) Three novel species of Distoseptispora (Distoseptisporaceae) isolated from bamboo in Jiangxi Province, China. MycoKeys 88: 35-54.