Basidiomata of Gymnopus schizophyllus a GDGM 77038 b GDGM 76287 c GDGM 77165 holotype! d KUN-HKAS 96494 a, c photographed by J.P. Li b photographed by H.S. Wen d photographed by S.H. Li. For a detailed display, the split lamellar edge is magnified in a. Scale bar: 1 cm.

  Part of: Li J-P, Antonín V, Gates G, Jiang L, Li T-H, Li Y, Song B, Deng C-Y (2022) Emending Gymnopus sect. Gymnopus (Agaricales, Omphalotaceae) by including two new species from southern China. MycoKeys 87: 183-204.