Phylogenetic tree, based on the Maximum Likelihood analysis of the rpb2 (left; InL = -5930.92) and tef1-α (right; InL = -7681.95) dataset. Bootstrap values of Maximum Likelihood (left) and Maximum Parsimony (right) above 50% are indicated at the nodes. The tree is rooted with Protocrea illinoensis TFC 9698 and P. farinose CPK 3144. New species proposed here are indicated in bold. The type strains are indicated with an asterisk (*) after the strain number. Results of the pairwise sequence similarity are illustrated on the dashed lines between the query strain and its closely-related species (arrows point to the reference strains).

  Part of: Zhang G-Z, Yang H-T, Zhang X-J, Zhou F-Y, Wu X-Q, Xie X-Y, Zhao X-Y, Zhou H-Z (2022) Five new species of Trichoderma from moist soils in China. MycoKeys 87: 133-157.