Types and shapes of cystidial elements in Hyphodontia s.l.: A1 skeletocystidium A2 tubular B septocystidium C hastocystidium D gloeocystidium E astrocystidium F lagenocystidium G cylindrical apically encrusted (lamprocystidium-like) H vesicular or bladder-like (embedded) I cylindrical J subclavate K clavate L fusoid M spatuliform N moniliform (torulose) O ventricose submucronate P subcapitate Q capitate R capitate with resinous cap S capitulate T lecythiform U tapering (subulate with blunt apex) V acute W acuminate (subulate with pointed apex) X hyphoid cylindrical Y hyphoid subcapitate; Z, hyphoid capitate. See also Appendix.

  Part of: Yurchenko E, Wu SH (2016) A key to the species of Hyphodontia sensu lato. MycoKeys 12: 1-27. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.12.7568