Phylogenetic tree of Penicillium section Lanata-Divaricata based on ML analysis obtained by RAxML inferred from the combined tub2, cmdA, ITS, and rpb2 loci. Branch lengths are proportional to phylogenetic distance. Bootstrap support values/Bayesian posterior probability scores above 70%/0.95 are indicated on the nodes. Bold branches indicate bs/pp values 100/1. The tree is rooted to P. restrictum CBS 367.48 and P. corylophilum CBS 312.48. The name in red is the new species described in this study. T= Ex-type strain.

  Part of: Torres-Garcia D, Gené J, García D (2022) New and interesting species of Penicillium (Eurotiomycetes, Aspergillaceae) in freshwater sediments from Spain. MycoKeys 86: 103-145.