Phylogenetic tree of Penicillium section Paradoxa based on ML analysis obtained by RAxML inferred from the combined tub2, cmdA, ITS, and rpb2 loci. Branch lengths are proportional to phylogenetic distance. Bootstrap support values/Bayesian posterior probability scores above 70%/0.95 are indicated on the nodes. Bold branches indicate bs/pp values 100/1. The tree is rooted to Penicillium species belonging to section Turbata (P. madriti CBS 347.61, P. caprifimosum CBS 142990, P. bovifimosum CBS 102825 and P. turbatum CBS 383.48). The name in red is the new species described in this study. T= Ex-type strain.

  Part of: Torres-Garcia D, Gené J, García D (2022) New and interesting species of Penicillium (Eurotiomycetes, Aspergillaceae) in freshwater sediments from Spain. MycoKeys 86: 103-145.