ML tree of Coniobolus s.l. using nrLSU + TEF1 + mtSSU sequences. Entomophthora muscae and Erynia conica are selected as outgroups. Support for each node is shown as MP bootstrap support/ML bootstrap support/Bayesian posterior probability (MPBS/MLBS/BPP) for nodes with MPBS≧70%, MLBS≧70%) and BPP≧0.95. The new genus, Azyosporus, and new species, A. macropapillatus, are shown in red, and the new combination is shown in blue.

  Part of: Cai Y, Nie Y, Zhao H, Wang Z, Zhou Z, Liu X, Huang B (2021)  Azygosporus gen. nov., a synapmorphic clade in the family Ancylistaceae. MycoKeys 85: 161-172.