Maximum Likelihood topology obtained via heuristic search algorithm of the combined rpb1, rpb2 and tef1a data matrix. Bootstrap support (ML-BS) values above 50 are indicated with a dot, ML-BS values above 75 are indicated with an asterisk. No indication above the branches indicates a ML-BS value below 50. Newly included accessions are indicated in red. FOSC: Fusarium oxysporum species complex, FFSC: Fusarium fujikuroi species complex.

  Part of: Le Thi L, Mertens A, Vu DT, Vu TD, Anh Minh PL, Duc HN, de Backer S, Swennen R, Vandelook F, Panis B, Amalfi M, Decock C, Gomes SIF, Merckx VSFT, Janssens SB (2022) ´╗┐Diversity of Fusarium associated banana wilt in northern Viet Nam. MycoKeys 87: 53-76.