Immersaria athroocarpa (a–e SDNU20190227): a–b thallus c apothecial anatomy d ascus e ascospores. I. aurantia (f–j KUN XY19–1290): f–g thallus h apothecial anatomy i ascus j ascospores. Scale bars: 1 mm (a–b, f–g); 20 μm (c, h); 10 μm (d–e, i–j).

  Part of: Xie C-M, Wang L-S, Zhao Z-T, Zhang Y-Y, Wang X-Y, Zhang L-L (2022) Revision of Immersaria and a new lecanorine genus in Lecideaceae (lichenised Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes). MycoKeys 87: 99-132.