Morphological characters of Cordyceps changchunensis (HMJAU 48251, holotype) a, b, e stromata and host of Cordyceps changchunensis c surface of fertile apex of ascostroma d host of Cordyceps changchunensis f–h apex of ascus i–k ascus l–n part-spores. Scale bars: 1 cm (a, b); 2 mm (c, e); 1 mm (d); 10 μm (f–h); 50 μm (i–k); 5 μm (l–n).

  Part of: Hu J-J, Zhao G-P, Tuo Y-L, Dai D, Guo D-Z, Rao G, Qi Z-X, Zhang Z-H, Li Y, Zhang B (2021) Morphology and molecular study of three new Cordycipitoid fungi and its related species collected from Jilin Province, northeast China. MycoKeys 83: 161-180.