Phylogram generated by Bayesian Inference (BI) analyses based on sequences of a combined data set from nuclear genes (rDNA-ITS, nrLSU, and rpb2), rooted with Auritella hispida and A. spiculosa. Bayesian Inference posterior probabilities (BI-PP) ≥0.95 and ML bootstrap proportions (ML-BP) ≥70 are represented as BI-PP/ML-BP. I. muscarium sp. nov. and I. hainanense sp. nov. are two newly described taxa.

  Part of: Deng L-S, Kang R, Zeng N-K, Yu W-J, Chang C, Xu F, Deng W-Q, Qi L-L, Zhou Y-L, Fan Y-G (2021) Two new Inosperma (Inocybaceae) species with unexpected muscarine contents from tropical China. MycoKeys 85: 87-108.