Maximum likelihood phylogram inferred from 102 taxa and 2017 characters based on ITS, and LSU matrix using GTR+G+I model and partition analysis. Maximum likelihood bootstrap support (≥ 70%) and Bayesian posterior probability (≥ 0.70) are indicated above the branches or near the nodes in this order. The tree is artificially rooted using Backusella dispersa (CBS 195.28), and B. grandis (CBS 186.87). The new species are in bold and the type species in the dataset are indicated using T. (-) represent bootstrap support lower than 70% or posterior probability lower than 0.70.

  Part of: Hurdeal VG, Gentekaki E, Hyde KD, Nguyen TTT, Lee HB (2021) Novel Mucor species (Mucoromycetes, Mucoraceae) from northern Thailand. MycoKeys 84: 57-78.