The phylogenetic tree of Coprinopsis by ITS nrDNA, based on the Maximum Likelihood method (ML). The three values of internal nodes respectively represent Maximum Likelihood bootstrap (MLBP)/neighbour-joining bootstrap (NJBP)/Bayesian posterior probability (BIPP). The thick node indicates the significantly-supported branch in at least two analyses (MLBP ≥ 70, NJBP ≥ 70, BIPP ≥ 95%). The GenBank accession number is marked after the species name. At the same time, the sequence from the type specimen is also marked at the end. Two new species from China are expressed in bold font and Parasola conopilea (Fr.) Örstadius & E. Larss and P. auricoma (Pat.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Hopple are selected as the outgroups.

  Part of: Rao G, Dai D, Zhao H-N, Liang Y, Li Y, Zhang B (2021) Two new psathyrelloid species of Coprinopsis (Agaricales, Psathyrellaceae) from China. MycoKeys 83: 85-103.