Huriella aeruginosa (BDNA-L-0001072, holotype) in morphology A–C habitus and apothecia. Thallus dark greenish-grey to grey with no pruina. Thalline margin of apothecia concolorous to disc D apothecia adnate or rarely sessile. Amphithecium well-developed, but parathecium inconspicuous. E thallus with dark green pigment layer under cortex F–G clavate asci containing 8-spores H ascospores generally ellipsoid, but occasionally globose, developing polarilocular in both types. Two blue coloured spores in lactophenol cotton blue. Scale bars: 1 mm (A–C); 100 μm (D);10 μm (E–H).

  Part of: Lee BG, Hur J-S (2021) Two new calcicolous caloplacoid lichens from South Korea, with a taxonomic key to the species of Huriella and Squamulea. MycoKeys 84: 35-55.