Phylogenetic relationships amongst available species in the genera Huriella and Squamulea, based on a Maximum Likelihood analysis of the dataset of ITS sequences. The tree was rooted with the sequences of the genera Amundsenia, Erichansenia and Shackletonia. Maximum Likelihood bootstrap values ≥ 70% and posterior probabilities ≥ 95% are shown above internal branches. Branches with bootstrap values ≥ 90% are shown in bold. The new species Huriella aeruginosa is presented in bold and all species names are followed by the GenBank accession numbers. Reference Table 1 provides the species related to the specific GenBank accession numbers and voucher information.

  Part of: Lee BG, Hur J-S (2021) Two new calcicolous caloplacoid lichens from South Korea, with a taxonomic key to the species of Huriella and Squamulea. MycoKeys 84: 35-55.