Phylogenetic relationships amongst available species in the genus Pyrenodesmia, based on a Maximum Likelihood analysis of the dataset of the mitochondrial small subunit (mtSSU) sequences. The tree was rooted with five sequences of the genera Caloplaca, Lendemeriella, Olegblumia and Usnochroma. Maximum Likelihood bootstrap values ≥ 70% and posterior probabilities ≥ 95% are shown above internal branches. Branches with bootstrap values ≥ 90% are shown in bold. The new species Pyrenodesmia rugosa is presented in bold and all species names are followed by the GenBank accession numbers. Reference Table 1 provides the species related to the specific GenBank accession numbers and voucher information.

  Part of: Lee BG, Hur J-S (2021) Two new calcicolous caloplacoid lichens from South Korea, with a taxonomic key to the species of Huriella and Squamulea. MycoKeys 84: 35-55.