Nemania lishuicola (GMB0065, holotype) A type material B stromata on the surface of host C pigments in 10% KOH D transverse sections of stromata E longitudinal sections of stromata F ascospore with indehiscent perispore in 10% KOH G–I asci with ascospores J ascus apical apparatus (stained in Melzer’s Reagent) K, L colonies on PDA (K-upper, L-lower) M–P ascospores. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (B, D, E); 10 μm (F–J, M–P).

  Part of: Pi YH, Long SH, Wu YP, Liu LL, Lin Y, Long QD, Kang JC, Kang YQ, Chang CR, Shen XC, Wijayawardene NN, Zhang X, Li QR (2021) A taxonomic study of Nemania from China, with six new species. MycoKeys 83: 39-67.