Ganoderma esculentum holotype (HKAS 110006) A basidiomata B upper surface C lower surface D cut side of pileus E pore surface F sections of pileipellis (LM) G, H skeletal hyphae from context (LM) I binging hyphae from tubes (LM) J generative hyphae from tubes (LM) K–M basidiospores (LM) N, O basidiospores (SEM). Scale bars: 20 µm (H); 10 µm (F, G, I-M); 5 µm (N, O). Photographs Jun He.

  Part of: He J, Luo Z-L, Tang S-M, Li Y-J, Li S-H, Su H-Y (2021) Phylogenetic analyses and morphological characters reveal two new species of Ganoderma from Yunnan province, China. MycoKeys 84: 141-162.