Phylogram generated from Maximum Likelihood (RAxML) analyses, based on ITS-β-tubulin matrix. ML bootstrap supports (≥ 70%) and Bayesian posterior probability (≥ 0.90) are indicated as ML/BYPP. The tree is rooted to Kretzschmaria deusta (CBS 826.72) and Xylaria hypoxylon (CBS 122620). Ex-type strains are in red. Newly generated strains are in black bold.

  Part of: Long S, Liu L, Pi Y, Wu Y, Lin Y, Zhang X, Long Q, Kang Y, Kang J, Wijayawardene NN, Wang F, Shen X, Li Q (2021) New contributions to Diatrypaceae from karst areas in China. MycoKeys 83: 1-37.