Phylogenetic tree generated from Bayesian analysis of ITS sequences. Main clades corresponding to subsections of sect. Ingratae are indicated in colour blocks. Holotypes of the new species are shown in bold. Values of posterior probabilities (PP) of MrBayes (≥ 0.9) and bootstraps of ML and MP analyses (≥ 50) are presented above the nodes as (MLBS/PP/MPBS).

  Part of: Li G-J, Li S-M, Buyck B, Zhao S-Y, Xie X-J, Shi L-Y, Deng C-Y, Meng Q-F, Sun Q-B, Yan J-Q, Wang J, Li M (2021) Three new Russula species in sect. Ingratae (Russulales, Basidiomycota) from southern China. MycoKeys 84: 103-139.