Phylogenetic relationship and placement of Inocybe squarrosofulva and I. squarrosolutea inferred from the combined dataset (ITS, nrLSU, and rpb2) using ML. Bootstrap values ≥80% and Bayesian posterior probabilities ≥0.95 are reported on the branches. Sequences generated in this study are shown in bold. The new species is indicated in red. The red branch indicates the confirmed presence of muscarine, the gray branch indicates ambiguous for muscarine, and the black branch indicates a lack of muscarine.

  Part of: Li SN, Xu F, Jiang M, Liu F, Wu F, Zhang P, Fan YG, Chen ZH (2021) Two new toxic yellow Inocybe species from China: morphological characteristics, phylogenetic analyses and toxin detection. MycoKeys 81: 185-204.